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At Oak Street Medical, we provide a variety of laboratory services, in-office testing and monitoring, as well as injections. Unlike many primary care clinics, we can also perform many emergency and specialty services.

Laboratory / In-Office Testing

For your convenience, we offer laboratory and in-office testing to aid in your diagnosis and treatment. Our services include:

• Blood draws for blood testing
• In-office urine, pregnancy and strep throat testing
• Electrocardiogram and pulmonary testing with results while you wait
• Microscopic smears for vaginal, nasal and skin infections
• Oxygen-level measurements

Coumadin Monitoring

We check your INR levels with an in-office finger stick and supply a printout of any dose changes, based on your current levels, before you leave our office.

Triage / Emergency Services

During normal office hours, we can provide many services usually offered only in an emergency room. Our services include:

• IV placement and fluids for dehydration or vomiting
• IV diuretics for treatment of swelling or heart failure
• Steroid injections for shortness of breath or hives
• Flushing and maintenance of permanent catheters
• Blood draws through permanent catheters
• Wound care, stitching of cuts and stitch removal


From vaccines to vitamins, we offer the following injections:

• Testosterone and estrogen
• Depo-Provera for pregnancy prevention
• Vitamin B12
• Procrit for treatment of anemia
• Lovenox for treatment of blood clots
• Reclast for osteoporosis
• Nausea and pain relievers
• Vaccines for adults, including flu, pneumonia, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, hepatitis, and shingles