Jenny Bohrman, D.O.

Family Medicine


Kirk D. Jacobson, M.D.

Internal Medicine


Jane E. Mossberg, M.D.

Internal Medicine


Judith E. Steyer, M.D.

Family Medicine | Women's Health




Jeannie Merrick, W.H.C.N.P.

Gynecological | Reproductive | Sexual Health




Edward Valenzuela, P.A.-C

Internal Medicine


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Specialty Services

As an Oak Street Medical patient, you can choose to have many specialty procedures done here, saving you time and additional co-pay at a specialist’s office. Our specialty services include:

• Joint injections for treatment of joint pain
• Trigger point injections
• Tendon and bursa injections for pain and inflammation
• Drainage of boils and cysts
• Removal of moles and other skin lesions
• Biopsies for skin lesions, moles
• Liquid nitrogen
• Accutane prescriptions and monitoring for severe acne
• Ingrown toenail removal
• Removal of foreign bodies, such as splinters, glass or ticks
• Earwax removal, irrigation
• Hearing testing
• Vision testing